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Mild Steel Cement Lined Pipes, Fittings and Custom Manifolds and Special Fittings.

PLC specialises in the centrifugal cement mortar lining of pipes and fittings. The range of our Rutherford plant is 100NB to 2400NB in diameter in 6,9 and 12 metre lengths, with CML applied to AS1281-2001. Complex fittings and configurations are completed using hand applied cement mortar linings and ends can be tapered to suit valve clearances or matched up to existing pipework internal diameters.

Mobile Cement Lining Plant

PLC’s mobile cement lining plant is the only plant of its kind in Australia. Developed and commissioned after several expressions of interest from clients, the on-site cement lining of large remote pipeline projects eliminates the transport, storage and handling problems sometimes encountered. The mobile cement lining plant has the capability to internally line pipes ranging from 100NB to 2200NB and can be located with minimal site preparation making for ease of commission/decommissioning and site rehabilitation on completion of the project.

The mobile cement lining plant has successfully completed two major pipeline projects. For both projects, the site for the plant set up was a waterfront location where environmental impact was a major factor. Water recycling was incorporated into the plant wash down system allowing PLC the option to reuse the water around the site for various applications including airborne dust control and solid waste was removed and delivered to concrete recyclers. Both projects were completed on schedule and budget and facilitated client free issue pipe supply.


Fusionkote is a Fusion Bonded Medium Density Polyethylene (FBMDPE) coating developed by PLC. Upon receiving Australian Standard Certification to AS4321:2001 in December 2014, Fusionkote has found a highly receptive market and offers our Water Industry clients an independent and alternative source for this industry preferred coating system.

Applied using a fusion bonded method, Fusionkote offers our clients a quality coating that is highly adhesive and high impact resistant for all applications, Fusionkote can be applied to all pipeline configurations including complex fittings as per our client specifications.

Surface Treatment

PLC offers alternate surface treatment coating systems to suit client’s needs. All forms of paint systems to suit environmental and corrosion requirements including Epoxy and High Build Epoxy for both external and internal applications are available.  Our surface treatment facility includes an 18m L x 4.8m W x 4.8m H blast chamber and continuous Wheelabrator grit blasting for up to 2m diameter Pipes.

All external and internal coatings are QA tested to Australian Standards including high voltage continuity testing when specified.

Steel Pipe Fabrication

PLC specialises in the manufacture of fabricated pipes and fittings for the Water Industry, our experience includes the following listed items and customised requirements to meet client’s specific needs.

  • Lobster back elbows
  • Tees, equal and reducing
  • Wye branches and bifurcations
  • Concentric and eccentric reducers
  • Manifolds and headers
  • Dismantling joints and Expansion joints
  • Structural attachments, supports, lifting lugs, weld collar bands and thrust/weep flanges

Pipe Manufacture & Stock

To support capacity and meet short delivery times, PLC maintains a stock holding of Spiral Welded Steel Pipe DN100-DN600 AS1579-2001/AS1594 HU300 and Forged Steel Flanges AS4087 PN16 DN80~DN1200.

PLC also has the capacity of manufacturing rolled and welded pipes for various applications including water pipelines, ventilation shafts, piling and casing. Our rolled and welded pipe production has the capabilities of up to 24 metre lengths and up to 2.4 metre diameter. Piling and casing can be produced up to 6.0 metre diameter x 3 metre width and subsequently assembled up to 24m lengths or as legally transportable.