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Cement Lining

Pipe Lining & Coating specialise in the centrifugal cement lining of mild steel pipes (MSCL) of varying lengths and diameters. The size range of our Rutherford plant is 100NB to 3200NB pipe, up to 12 meter lengths and all linings comply to AS1281-2001 for lining thickness and tolerances. Internal cement linings can be applied to complex fittings and specialised configuration to suit clients’ needs. Linings can be applied to any thickness to suit existing pipe internal diameters.

Cement types include:

  • General Purpose (GP)
  • Sulphate Resistant (SR)
  • Calcium Aluminate
  • Seal Coat over cement for harsh environments

For large projects we have a mobile cement lining plant capable of operating in remote locations.

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